The Rainbow Dance Group, based in Cary North Carolina, was founded in 2010. The group is formed with amateur dancers who love Chinese traditional /folk dances and are devoted to promoting Chinese culture. In the past few years, the group has performed at many Chinese culture celebration events such as, annual Chinese New Year Galas, Mid-Autumn Festival, Raleigh International Festival and Dragon festival. Our goal is to enrich and celebrate lives through dance.

Performed Dances

Rainbow Dance Group

Harvest Season, 丰收时节新疆维吾尔)                       Dancing the Rainbow, 彩虹梦幻(拉丁舞

Lotus in June, 六月清荷(汉族舞)                                Flying Color Skirts 彩裙飞舞(彝族舞)

红湖水浪打浪(汉族舞)                 我的深情为你守候(现代舞)

石溜花(新疆舞)                     掀起你的盖头來(新疆舞)

西域风情( 维吾尔族舞)                                               太湖美(长绸舞)